Screenshot 2015-04-26 21.12.12Christina has been a life-long musician, beginning private piano lessons at the age of six and continuing on to the college level. She studied classical piano formally but began to branch out into other genres as well a few years after, becoming enamored with the works of Scott Joplin, George Gershwin and the like.

Music has always been a consistent, pervasive force; not only from taking lessons but growing up in a musical family and studying additional instruments in school. Though solo piano has always been Christina’s passion, participation in bands and other group settings has given her invaluable knowledge and the ability to empathize and work with other musicians.

BeFunky_tumblr_mg56tfiDlh1s0vchpo1_500.jpgAn experienced performer, teacher, and accompanist, Christina constantly strives to improve as a pianist by continuing to educate herself and take on new projects. She has arranged and adapted a variety of pieces for piano solo, including modern, popular music and video game themes, using her classical training as a framework for everything she does.

Currently, Christina is living in the Athens, GA area where she does accompanying work, performs at local venues and continues to learn, record and write new music.